Our practice is a member of the Calgary West Central Primary Care Network (PCN). This is a partnership for family doctors in Calgary's SW which helps improve access to primary care. As a patient in our practice, you will benefit from some of the services provided through the PCN such as psychologic counselling, pharmacist consultations and after hours clinic access.

If you have an urgent issue and feel you need to be seen by a doctor:

1. Call us @ 403-640-0600. If your own doctor is unavailable, we can often book you in with another doctor in our practice.

2. Call 811 (HealthLink) - if the assessing nurses feel you need to be seen urgently, they can refer you to our After Hours clinics, staffed by members of our PCN. This is located at Westbrook Plaza but only accessible through HealthLink.

3. If your symptons are severe or an emergency, proceed to the ER or call 911.

Family Practice Patient Resources

1. Calgary West Central Primary Care network: all the doctors of the Rockyview Maternity and Family Practice Clinic are members of the CWCPCN. You may have access to further resources, including after-hours care. Website: www.cwcpcn.com.

2. Local answers to common questions and concerns about childhood immunizations: Website: www.immunizealberta.ca.

3. Public Health Agency of Canada - Government of Canada: Information and facts about immunizations, including travel and influenza vaccines and Canada's vaccine safety network, including vaccination and pregnancy; vaccinations for children. Website: www.phac-aspc.gc.ca/im/index-eng.php.

4. Alberta Routine immunization schedule: Website: www.health.alberta.ca/health-info/imm-routine-schedule.html

5. Alberta Quits! FREE / CONVENIENT / PERSONALIZED: Website: www.albertaquits.ca

6. Healthy Albertans = Healthy U - Website: www.health.alberta.ca/health-info/HealthyU.html

7. HEAL -(Health Education and Learning) - Website - www.albertahealthservices.ca - Info for familes about common childhood illnesses.

8. Menopause Information - Website - www.menopauseandu.ca

9. Contraceptions Options - Website - www.sexualityandu.ca

10. Choosing Wisely Canada - a website for doctors and patients to open the conversation on unnecessary tests or procedures. - www.choosingwiselycanada.org

11. Uninsured Services - handout