Labour & Delivery Resources

1. Rockyview Hospital Virtual Tour: All of our doctors deliver at the Rockyview Hospital only! Check it out with a virtual tour!

2. For directions/location/map to Rockyview Hospital: Website -

3. Handouts:

a. Rockyview Hospital Visiting Policy & Support person information - Visiting&SupportPolicy
b. 30 week handout - 30 week handout
c. Trial of labour - Trial of labour
d. Group B strep - Group B strep
e. Postdates Ultrasound -Post Dates Ultrasound
f. Sweeping of Membranes and cervical massage - Cervical Membrane Sweeping
g. Pertussis (whooping cough) vaccine in pregnancy - Pertusus vaccine
h. Colostrum Expression when Pregnant - Collection Colostrum

4. Breastfeeding Consults - Dr. Charlene Kennedy, one our partners in the Rockyview Maternity and Family Practice, offers consultations on breastfeeding and lactation.  These consultations can potentially occur before the baby's birth or afterwards, especially if there are issues with breastfeeding.  These consults are made by referral only.  If you had issues with your last baby or if you are having issues currently with breastfeeding, discuss this with your main doctor and she may refer you to see Dr. Kennedy. Breastfeeding Questionaire -