Post-Partum Resources

1. Families Matters: website - / call: 403-205-5178. Post-partum Support Groups & Parenting Support.

2. Postpartum Depression & Anxiety - Canadian Mental Health Association: Website

3. Parenting classes from Alberta Health Services: Website -
a. Call: 403-995-1450 (in Calgary) and 1-866-471-7011 for surrounding communities. Baby and You for Moms / Daddies and Babies and so much more!
b. New Parent checklistL lots of local parenting / family resources
website - www.birthandbabies/content/file/NewParentChecklist

4. There's a Dad for That: Alberta website geared towards helping Dads: website -

5. Family Resources Facilitation Program - Calgary - Connects parents and families to resources and programs throughout the city of Calgary and area. Information for a variety of Parent support programs and education workships. Parent Support Programs / Community Resouces / Crisis Support / Family fun. Great website to help navigate the system and help parents and family's obtain the support they need. - website:

6. Mother and Baby: Primary Care Hospital discharge information -

7. Safe Sleep for Baby's First Year Brochure - AHS Safe Sleep - AHS Safe Sleep

8. Birth Control Options after Baby - Website - Handout - Birth Control Options - AHS Safe Sleep

9. Circumcisions:
a. list of doctors who perform circumcisions - Circumcision Drs AHS Safe Sleep
b. Canadian Pediatric Position paper on newborn mail circumcision: website -
c. Caring for kids - Information from Canadian Pediatric Society: website - www.caringforkids

10. Car Seat Regulations - Buying a child car seat or booster seat - safety

11. Breast Pump Rentals - Calgary -Info Sheet

Immunization Information for Mom and Baby

1. Pertussis Vaccine in Pregnancy -

2. Local answers to common questions and concerns about childhood immunizations: Website -

3. Vaccination and Pregnancy (Government of Canada) - Website -

4. Immunization - Pregnancy - SOGC (Society of Obstetrics & Gynecology Canada): Website -

5. Vaccines for Pregnant Women / CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Preventions): Website -

6. Public Health Agency of Canada - Government of Canada: information and facts about immunization, including travel and influenza vaccines and Canada's vaccine safety network, including vaccination and pregnancy; vaccinations for children. website -

7. Alberta Routine immunization schedule: Website -