You will receive a handout at the hospital which reviews many of the frequently asked questions related to post-partum care of mother and baby. Get a copy of the brochure here or for more info visit the PCN Website.

First baby visit

Your baby will be weighed and measured. Your visit with the doctor will focus on weight, feeding issues, jaundice (if present). Your baby will have a complete physical, with special attention on the heart and lungs and any other relevant issues. If there are any concerns, a follow up visit at 2-3 weeks post-partum will be suggested. If all is well, then a 6 - 8 week post-partum visit will be advised.

Dr. Charlene Kennedy, one our partners in the Rockyview Maternity and Family Practice, offers consultations on breastfeeding and lactation. These consultations can potentially occur before the baby's birth or afterwards, especially if there are issues with breastfeeding. These consults are made by referral only. If you had issues with your last baby or if you are having issues currently with breastfeeding, discuss this with your main doctor and she may refer you to see Dr. Kennedy.

6-8 weeks post partum

This will be the final visit in this office.  As always, your baby will be weighed, measured, and examined.  You will also have a weight, blood pressure measurement and relevant/focused physical exam.  Your doctor will review appropriate topics, including contraception/family planning.

Your records will be sent to your referring doctor and to any other doctor who will be seeing you or your baby for follow up.  If you do not have a family doctor, please ask one of our receptionists to provide you with the current list for Calgary doctors who are accepting new patients.  Alternatively, ask about options available through the Calgary West Central Primary Care Network (CWCPCN).