Prenatal Resources

1. Early Prenatal Risk Assessment Program: Information about genetic screening in pregancy including First Trimester Combined Screening (FTS) and Non-Invasive Prenatal Testing (NIPT) eg. Harmony™, Panorama™. *If this is testing you are interested in having please ensure to you speak to your family doctor about this as the testing is time sensitive.
See Chart: Comparing FTS/NIPT/Amniocentesis pdf

2. The Society of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists: Delivers evidence-based information about pregnancy and childbirth to the Canadian public and health-care professionals. All material on this site is developed by doctors, nurses, and midwives and is based on guidelines from the Society of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists of Canada (SOGC).

3. Health Parents/Healthy Children: Reliable information about pregnancy and parenting, put out by AHS.

4. The Pregancy and Breastfeeding Pocket Book: Quick reference for safe over-the-counter remedies for common aches and pains during pregancy - eg. headaches, heartburn, constipation, nasal congestion, colds. When in doubt - ALWAYS consult a health care professional!

5. The Healthy Guide to Pregnancy - Public Health Agency of Canada: accurate information of important facts and answers to questions related to a healthy pregancy

6. Healthy Albertans = Healthy U:

7. Healthy Eating and Active Living for Pregancy (Alberta) - This is a great magazine with many tips on nutrition and lifestyle management during pregancy. (Link to a downloadable pdf)

8. Iron Rich Foods: Here is a list of alternate foods that are safe to eat during pregancy and are rich in Iron. Iron Rich Foods pdf

9. Gestational Diabetes: Basic information about Gestational Diabetes nutrition and meal plans. Gestational Diabetespdf

10. Common pregnancy aches and pains: During pregnancy it is common for pregnant women to experience some back and pelvic pains. Pelvic Girdle Pain in Pregnancypdf, Lower Back Pain in Pregnancypdf, Core Strengthening in PregnancypdfSI Joint painpdf

11. Physical Activity and Pregnancy: (London, ON): Pregnancy should NOT stop you from being active, but you may need to modify and or change your work- out routine. PARmed-X or Pregnancy: . This is a Physical Activity Readiness Medical examination Form that some classes require before participation.

12. Mother Risk – through Toronto Sick Children’s Hospital : This web site accurate and up to date variety of information about common pregnancy concerns and questions.

13. Alcohol and Pregnancy: The Society of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists of Canada. website -

14. AVENTA: (Addiction Treatment for Women) in Calgary: / Phone: 403-245-9050

15. Smoking and Pregnancy (Public Health Agency of Canada)

16. Pregnancy and Marijuana Use

17. Alberta Quits! FREE / CONVENIENT / PERSONALIZED: Website:

18. Pregnancy Care Center – Free & Confidential support for mom’s who may not otherwise have support. Free Pregnancy test/ Options education – Parenting; Abortion; Adoption/ Ongoing Support- Peer support and counselling- including post abortion recovery; childbirth support and group classes . Referral to community agencies- Housing; Legal; education; health; financial / Parenting life skills. 24hr. Helpline – 403-269-3110 Email:

19. Best Beginnings (AHS) - Free, Confidential program for Pregnant women living on a low income / or for Pregnant Teens. Call 403-228-8221. (If you would like to check them out on-line, the easiest way is through the Birth and Babies website - once on this page click on the Best Beginnings listed at top of page). Of note: once in the Best Beginnings info site, you can also find the "Health Parents - Pregnancy and Birth" handbook translated into other languages, which is available for you to download and print.

20. Adoption: we understand that this may be an option you are considering and there are number of resources we can recommend to you to help support you with this decision. There are 3 Adoption Agencies here in Calgary.

a. Adoption by Choice Ltd.: Ph: 403-245-8851
b. Christian Adoption Services: Text: 587-969-3224 / Phone 403-256-3224
c. Adoption Options: Phone 403-270-8228

21. Prenatal Classes: There are a variety of classes and groups to choose from throughout Calgary and area, we recommend them to all parents! Especially if it is your first child; if it has been a several years since your last pregnancy; you are new to Calgary; or just want a refresher class. Register early! As classes are very popular.
We recommend: The prenatal classes offered through AHS:

Prenatal Education (AHS) –
Phone: 403-955-1450 in Calgary
1-866-471-7011 for surrounding communities

There are certainly many private groups and classes available, some which offer various information and supports (such as Doulas) and it is important to choose what you think is right for you.

22. Doula: provide emotional, physical, and knowledge based support for women and their families during pregnancy, labour birth and the postpartum period. They DO NOT replace the physician OR make medical decisions. We do recommend that whomever you hire is a Certified Birth Doula (DONA international certification). For more information: you can also contact them directly at

23. Employment Insurance Maternity & Parental Benefits: there is a standard Government Maternity and Parental Benefits available to working moms here in Canada & Alberta. To check out if you qualify for these benefits and how to apply go to: www.servicecanada/ * Keep in mind you may qualify for extra maternity benefits though the company you work for – you would need to talk with your employer about this.

24. Cord Blood Banking: This is a comprehensive non biased look at all the cord blood banks. Note the information is universal but by choosing Canada in the search engine it will bring up options for Canada. Cord Blood Bank Information pdf

25. Colostrum Expression when Pregnant - Collection Colostrum

26. Car Seat Regulations - Buying a child car seat or booster seat - safety