Rockyview Maternity & Family Practice is a group of Family Doctors who practice Low Risk Obstetrics.

Our office is located at #258, 1011 Glenmore Tr. SW. , NOT AT THE ROCKYVIEW HOSPITAL!

We require a referral from your family doctor to attend our clinic. We follow you for your pregnancy, labour & delivery & we will follow you and your baby for 6 weeks after delivery. We will send you back to your family doctor after your final appointment with us for all your routine care.

Unfortunately, we are NOT accepting new family practice patients.

What to Expect:

Before Your First Pre-natal Appointment:

Please print and complete the “New Patient Questionnaire" . If you are unable to print it, review and consider the questions prior to your first appointment, then come in 20 minutes early for your appointment and we will give you a copy of the questionnaire for you to complete before your scheduled appointment. Please bring your provincial health care card. Ensure that it is accurate. If you need to update it, you may visit the Alberta Health Care Website.

At Your First Pre-natal Appointment (10-12 weeks)

  • There is a lot to discuss at your first pre-natal appointment. Expect to be at the office for 1-1.5 hours. With this in mind, please plan your work, other appointments, child care, and parking needs accordingly.
  • If you have not completed the “new patient questionnaire,” you will need to do so prior to meeting with our office nurse. The nurse's services are kindly provided through our association with the Calgary West Central Primary Care Network (CWCPCN).
  • Our nurse will introduce you to our office, review your medical history, the father of the baby’s medical history, both family histories, medications, allergies, and lifestyle issues.
  • Our nurse will review any test results which have been forwarded by your referring doctor.
  • Genetic testing options will be reviewed and can be set up for you, if desired. If you need to discuss these options further with your doctor, there will be an opportunity to do so.
  • After your visit with our nurse, our LPN's will check your height, weight, and blood pressure measurement, then show you to an exam room. Each new patient will meet her primary doctor at this first visit. Your doctor will review your history and discuss any issues which are likely to be relevant to your pregnancy. There will be time for any questions you may have.

Subsequent Office Visits:

Your office visits will be as follows:
From the first vist to 30 weeks - Monthly
30-36 weeks - every 2 weeks
36 weeks to delivery - weekly


New Patient

Prenatal Questionnaire

Post Partum

New Born Baby